Copying a sql file to docker container for import

Here's how I imported an sql to my Docker mysql database.

The problem: I had an SQL file and a docker container. How do you get your local SQL file on your PC to the docker container?

First find the docker container:

docker ps

This will list out a bunch of container ids. Find the one relating to mysql.

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                   ...
[YourContainerId]        mysql:5.7.29            ...CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                   

Now copy the sql file using docker cp into our container

docker cp your.sql [YourContainerId]:/your.sql

Once complete, we need to login to our container and import to our mysql database.

docker exec -it [YourContainerId] bin/bash

Once we're logged in, we can now login to mysql.

mysql -u root -p 

To see your databases, run show databases;

Select the database you're going to be importing to:

use your-database-name

Now import by running:

source your.sql