Working in digital agencies, I have delivered a wide range of projects, including the building of bespoke websites, brand activations, mobile apps, bespoke CMS and APIs.

Most projects I've worked on are under a NDA so I'm only able to highlight a few.

Website - KickTown Football

KickTown Football website, bespoke theme, merchandise store and booking system.

React Native - Android & iOS App

Development of a bespoke Android & iOS app for a Health technology startup, built with React Native & TypeScript.

Website - Oriental Garden

A complete re-design and build of the Oriental Garden Restaurant website.

Web app - Visualiser

Visualizing the results of facial cosmetic treatments. Web app built in TypeScript & React.

Website - Learning Portal & Digital Asset Manager

Platform for eLearning, assets, events and livestreams. Website built in Laravel, PHP, TypeScript, React.

Project CMS

A few of the companies I've worked with...

Logo for University of Surrey
Logo for Allergan
Logo for OKA
Logo for Ribena

Let's chat about your next project

I'm always open to hearing about new opportunities and how I can help you with your next project or idea.

C&C Community

A project aimed at improving the accessibility of the Command & Conquer franchise.


Design and build of web & desktop apps. Projects included a new website, leaderboard and desktop app developments.

SCSS Allman Formatter VS Code extension

An SCSS & CSS formatter for VS Code that formats braces to new lines (Allman style).

React TypeScript Webpack Starter

A starter project for using React, TypeScript, SCSS using Webpack 5.

Three.js TypeScript Webpack Starter

A starter project for using Three.js, TypeScript, SCSS and Webpack.

Guess Word

Concept word game using TypeScript, Matter.js and Cordova