Design and build of web & desktop apps. Projects included a new website, leaderboard and desktop app developments.


2014 - 2017

Creating a new digital presence

Back in 2017, I helped CnCNet build and launch a revitalized brand and website. It brought everything it needed to give it an edge over other online multiplayer services.

  • It brought in responsive first designs
  • Optimised page speeds
  • Highly SEO optimised pages, tapping into areas where it had never been before. It helped bring a once unknown website into a modern era, ranking as #1 in searches for all game terms (Red Alert, Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2, Yuri's Revenge).


View the CnCNet Website.

2015 - 2020

Desktop app contributions

Yuri's Revenge first saw support in March 2015. One of my favourite C&C games of all time, saw online support come back again. The fantastic group of developers at CnCNet made it possible (they still hate me for asking!).

Along this journey I learnt a fair amount of C#, contributing new features where I could. The client after a few years saw a revitislised update from another developer known as Rami Pasanen. With this update saw a huge surge of players come online. I contributed features over the years also maintaining updates.

View GitHub project

Web Leaderboards

Next up was developing C&C game leaderboards. A way to see your ranks and the games you played online. This was a fantastic effort from everyone who contributed. I mainly drove the design and building of the web UI.

GitHub project can be found here and the Online Leaderboards here.

Website Website


EA Games C&C Community Council

I was kindly invited to join the EA C&C Community Council for the new C&C Remastered games by EA's Jim Vessella. It was a great experience to represent the CnCNet community. View the C&C Community Project that complimented the release of the C&C Remasters.