Guess Word

Concept word game using TypeScript, Matter.js and Cordova


Play it

Click here to play it in the browser.

About the concept

I decided to do a quick experiment using the matter-js library, creating a word guessing game.

The game is built using TypeScript and Matter.js, with a basic UI in React. It can compile as a web app or as an APK or IPA thanks to Cordova.

Stepping through the game

  1. Drag and drop the letters top to bottom to form a word based on the hint.

    E.g. The hint here is Space and planets, the correct answer here would be Mars.

    Mars planet

  2. Guess the word wrong and you lose a point. The blocks also explode out of place.

    Mars wrong answer

  3. There are multiple levels with different themes. Your best score is saved to local storage.