Web App - Visualiser

Visualizing the results of facial cosmetic treatments with web technology.




A pharmaceutical brand wanted a way to allow customers to visualise treatments that they offer. Users would upload a photo of their face and apply treatments to see how these treatments might look.

It needed to be free and accessible to use and to as many users as possible.


My role on this project was not around the visualisation, but around delivering a fully responsive web application that was intuitive, performant and friendly to potential customers.

  • Development of a fully responsive web app. It allowed the user to use the visuliser on a wide range of devices and browsers.
  • A first time use intuitive onboarding process was developed to show different aspects of the tool.
  • An ability to save the treatment results generated to a PDF so it could later shared with a representative.
  • A way to be contacted by submitting contact details to an online form.


  • TypeScript
  • React
  • HTML
  • SCSS